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DIANA Mayer & Grammelspacher GmbH & Co. KGis an air gun manufacturer founded and based in Germany. Company produces high-quality, high-performance air rifles and air pistols since 1890. They are among the best of their respective classes and renowned all across the world. DIANA, the tradition-rich name, stands for quality and precision. More than 10 million satisfied customers world-wide rely on its products. Perfect technology, innovation andeye pleasing design catches the attention of many customers. DIANA guarantees high performance and precision.

Today the product range of DIANA Airguns is consisting of Break Barrel Air Rifles, Fixed Barrel Air Rifles with under lever or side lever cocking system, Pre-charged Air Rifles (PCP) as well as Air Pistols and Revolvers.

Initially,House of Hunter (Pvt) Ltdis planning to deal with few models only, like Dina Premium, Diana Magnum, Diana 280 and Diana Panther.

Crosman Corporation

Crosman Corporation was founded in 1923 in Rochester, New York and has been a leader in airgun innovation for more than 90 years. No company builds more airguns in America than Crosman. In fact, Crosman accounts for 83% of all American made or assembled Airguns. Crosman’s roots began with a simple, yet powerful, credo of quality and innovation.

From its inception, Crosman’s principal products have served the shooting sports, primarily airguns and airgun ammunition. Crosman Corporation is a recognized brand in 63 countries and continuing to grow and spread the fun of shooting around the world.

Most popular brands of Crosmanthat House of Hunters deals with are: CrosmanMarauder, Armada, Nitro venom, Shockwave, and Raven.


KalibrGun is a well-known Czech manufacturer which produces high performance pre-charged (PCP) air guns used for hunting, sports and leisure.The company is originallyfrom Russiaand is famous for their bullpup designsequipped with pressure regulator which guarantees constant muzzle velocity and ensures accurate and perfect aiming.

The basic model of the company is CricketThe multi-shot cricket air rifle is unique all over the world with its system of rotating magazine bringing excellent results. The compact design of the receiver containing main parts,which allows shorten overall length of these rifles to 685 mm (625 mm in compact version) making the use of gun more comfortable.


Steyr Sportwaffen GmbH is an Austrian manufacturer of air guns, rifles and pistols. The company was formed as an offshoot of SteyrMannlicher in 2001. Styer Air Rifle represents a class of its own when it comes to the quality of workmanship.Steyr Sport added with electronic trigger and multifunctional adjustmentswon an impressive World Cup victory on its first appearance.Steyr LP10 pre-charged pneumatic air pistol was used to win gold and silver medals in both men’s and women’s 10 m Air pistolcompetition in summer Olympic held inGreece in 2004 and created a new world record.In 2008 Beijing Summer Olympicsall medals gold, silver and bronze for the Women’s event and both gold and silver in the Men’s event went to shooters using Steyr pistols. Undoubtedly, Steyr Air Rifles for both Hunting & Target are one of the highest grade of Air Weapons available.

Steyr Sport “Hunting 5 Automatic” PCP air rifle is the most popular among hunters and will be available soon in 4.5mm/.177 and 5.5mm/.22 calibresin House of Hunter’s outlet Islamabad.


Our precision air guns and bolt- action rifles are engineered and manufactured in accordance with the latest sporting arms technology. Perfection and innovation are the aims we live up to. We give priority to ensuring constant development and modification of our products so that they continue to meet the varied demands and requirements of the market. We use tried and tested special materials for construction not only the barrels but also numerous other components.

The precision, dimensional accuracy and correct temper of the various parts are constantly and carefully monitored by experienced experts. The use of highly modern production machinery helps to ensure that these demands are complied with at all times. It is this production technology, combined with decades of experience, that forms the expertise with which our hobby, sports and hunting guns are manufactured, in top quality, for maximum performance and a long service life.


Weihrauch Sport offers: Air rifles, air pistols, small bore rifles and blank handguns for selfdefense purposes – Quality made in Germany!

they put their efforts into making the finest sporting airguns in the world. Even after the firearm manufacturing ban finally was withdrawn, the Hermann Weihrauch KG company continued to produce sporting air rifles of the highest quality. The little HW 25 was slanted towards the youth market while versions of the HW 30 and HW 50 continued as solid mid-market air rifles. The HW 55 was one of Europe’s leading barrel-cocking target rifles. The rather uncommon HW 55T version with its ornate Tyrolean-style stock, usually sporting fine walnut of exceptional grain, has always been a favorite among offhand shooters and collectors.